E2E Soccer specialize in internet applications for the management and administration of soccer clubs and leagues. E2E Soccer is an Ottawa based company.

The company has 4 products to meet the many requirements of the sport:

Club Centre: used by clubs for communication, registration, etc. No need to rely on an army of volunteers any more; Club Centre can pick up the slack to give your club the organization that it needs.

League Centre: used by leagues for communication, statistics, scheduling and discipline. League Centre offers a league convener everything they would need to run a league smoothly and efficiently.

The WOYSL use League Centre for their web site.

Tournament Centre: used by weekend tournaments to offer its participants a great tournament experience, it provides all the statistics you need in an easy to find format. Tournament Centre also includes a wealth of registration and communication tools.

Ref Centre: takes the problem out of referee assignment. No more struggling on the phone, booking referees for next week`s games. We believe it is the easiest and most reliable way to assign game officials.

If you require further information on how E2E Soccer can assist your soccer organization, please contact us

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